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the tribe of magic web sites are all crafted lovingly by hand on a mac using the following programs and technologies:

our code is compliant to specs except for our nasty insistence on external links opening in a new window. it degrades correctly so that it is entirely useable even if the browser is missing one or more helper files.

our musick player requires flash 8 or higher. if you don't have it, then click here to get it. the player opens in a small window so that you can continue to surf our site while enjoying the musick uninterrupted. you may need to allow popups for www.thetribeofmagic.com in your browser if it is not launching.

we are hosted by the best company ever—hostbaby. even if you aren't a big nerd like some of us here, they can set you up with an awsome music website with every tool you need to promote your music career online already built for you. they have simple wizards and tools to handle news, mail, guestbook, music players and site statistics… really! we get nothing for saying this—it's simply true.