the tribe of magic

history / herstory / ourstory ....THE REAL STORY!

what binds a tribe together? we believe it is we come together in song and dance… this IS the essence of our being.

there are many aspects of this House Musick movement– a group of friends who are irrepresible househeds, a collective of dj's, a gathering of musicians, artists, organizers and party freaks – but beyond that, ‘it's a music revolution’.

we began our parties more than ten years ago, created out of a desire for community rather than segregation. that's why we banded together, forming our tribe – where the main focus is gathering all those who passionately love House Musick, regardless of our differences.

we began with house dat, an all house music party dedicated to gays and lesbians of all colours. we started off totally basic, no frills – our first flyers were all hand-drawn. we quickly grew to become the south's largest african-american gay and lesbian club event. guest performers for house dat included the likes of Barbara Tucker, Dajae, and Martha Wash, along with many great local dj's. party-goers included many regulars who traveled each month from as far as DC and even New York!

two of our original members, hot wax harley and dj darin, decided to expand our tribe to greensboro, starting parties at the legendary babylon. jomai and stormhouse continued the tribe's music revolution completing over four years at our original club. we all eventually relocated, temporarily spreading our message on our own paths.

jomai spent several years in san francisco, where he became a resident at sugar, san francisco's long-running underground party featuring funky, west coast house musick. now he and dj foxxy are reuniting in new york, bringing southern soul to the concrete jungle—better known as New York City.