does the weekly grind

bring you down?

Kosmoniq - then I woke up on this satellite...Have you ever woken up in cold starlight and stale recycled air? Read the story of Kosmoniq’s adventures with the 759 crew in space.

do you live for the weekend when you can bounce away your monday through friday to the bumpin, soulful groove on the dance floor?

does that get your blood pumpin, your hips bumpin, and your shoulders shakin?

well, we at the tribe of magic understand where you're coming from. hey, we're not here to indoctrinate you into anything. we're here for those of you who already know and love and live for that deep, dark, delicious sound of underground house musick. we believe that musick should always move your mind, booty AND soul... so come on in, cause you're welcome on our dance floor anytime!


Wednesday, March 16th, 2011 7:02 PM Jomai Etu demonstrates his virtual turntable setup
Wednesday, October 20th, 2010 7:11 PM upcoming releases: Kosmoniq and Princess Petite
Kosmoniq’s “then I woke up on this satellite…” has been getting some seriously hot reviews! We’ll post links to them as soon as they’re released. In the meantime catch your own copy and enjoy its delicious, funky, sexy beats:

Our next batch of releases will include three remixes of Kosmoniq’s cover of Sun Ra’s legendary “At First There was Nothing”—all from Jomai Etu. Following that, resurrecting the Princess Petite monicker and sound, we have a fun, funky trio of house deepness entitled “house is for ________”